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"If I Could" Press Information

Other Articles and Reviews

The movie, If I Could, has received a great deal of press coverage since its debut in May 2001. In its May 15 2001 edition, the Baltimore Sun wrote a lengthy article that said:

"Watching this film does not simply make you sad. It makes you want to flee your own skin, your own head. To forget or never know what terrible things families do to each other, and the children who absorb the damage."

Numerous other articles have appeared including in the Washington Post and the Denver Post.


Feature articles and columns

The Rocky Mountain News review - November 2001

Annapolis Capitol: Editorial, May 24, 2001

International Documentary Association Magazine, Sept. 2001

University of Colorado at Denver, The Advocate, campus newspaper


Denver Post
October 17 2001

Baltimore Sun
May 15, 2001

Washington Post
May 17, 2001

Rocky Mountain Independant
November 2001

iCom Film Magazine Production news brief about "If I Could" June 2003

Psychiatric News, newspaper of the American Psychiatric Association, July 9, 2002. Second article